Royal wedding: Bunting out across UK for parties


Royal wedding: Bunting out across UK for parties
Royal wedding watchers across the UK are hanging out the bunting as more than 5,000 street parties are held.

PM David Cameron will attend a party in Downing Street, where cupcakes baked by his wife Samantha will be served.

And St Andrews, the Fife town where Prince William and Kate Middleton met, will host 1,500 people for a breakfast.

The scenes will be replicated in streets, squares, pubs and churches across the UK, including the bride’s home village of Bucklebury, Berkshire.

Fancy dress

A wedding breakfast is being held in the hamlet of Chapel Row where the Middletons live, and Bucklebury Farm Park is staging a day of celebrations culminating in a proms-style fanfare.

The wedding will be broadcast live on big screens in various cities and towns, including in Southampton, where people have been encouraged to dress in patriotic red, white and blue.

Hundreds of revellers will hold a fancy dress party on the restored £39m Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

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Timetable (BST) on 29 April
1015 – The groom and Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey
1051 – The bride, and her father, leave the Goring Hotel for the abbey
1100 – The marriage service begins
1230 – The bride’s carriage procession arrives at Buckingham Palace
1325 – The Queen and the bride and groom appear on the balcony
1330 – Fly past by the Royal Air Force and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Scotland: Breakfast for 1,500
London: Final frantic touches
Wales: Anglesey leads celebrations
Bucklebury: Fever pitch in Kate’s village
In Cornwall, which has strong ties with the Prince of Wales, there were 30 applications for road closures so festivities could be held.

Gloucester Cathedral will show the wedding on a giant screen, and parties are planned in the city and nearby Cheltenham.

In Tetbury, residents have been encouraged to bring picnics, while in Eastbourne, East Sussex, hundreds are expected to flock around a huge screen in Princes Park.

There will be 16 street parties held in Edinburgh, including one in Broughton Street for 250 guests.

In Leeds, where Kate Middleton’s father Michael was born, celebrations will take place across the city, and York is staging a fancy dress competition and high tea.

Sheffield is planning a number of street parties, with the focus in the city centre at Devonshire Green.

Organisers of a royal wedding street celebration in Marple, Cheshire, on the other hand, have been planning their event since Christmas.

The Marple Bridge Association in Cheshire has been planning its town centre party since Christmas, and has sold 800 tickets.

Almost 250 street parties will be held across Wales, with Cardiff leading the way with more than 50.

On Anglesey, where the couple will live, thousands will watch the ceremony on a giant TV screen at the island’s agricultural showground.

Whilst in Londonderry in Northern Ireland, fans will dress in full wedding attire for royal breakfasts in community centres.

And in London, RAF colleagues of Prince William who could not make it to Westminster Abbey will stage a fly-past, and mosques are holding several events billed as “a day of joy for all of us”.

But in Edinburgh, there is expected to be a protest, and a large unofficial party in Glasgow has been criticised by the local council.

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