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Making money was never so easy,VoteUpIndia is running a Bumper Contest

“1 Story, 1/- Rs — 1000 Stories, 1000/- Rs”.

Its weekly based contest where you will get Rs 1 for every 1 story you submit with

Every visitor is allowed to submit stories and for each story you submit, VoteUpIndia will give you Rs 1/-.For every 1000 Stories, you will get Rs 1000/- n keep counting.So submit stories and make money.


Win Rs 1000/- and picture of the winner will be displayed on our front page.So make money and become famous.


Please see the list of winners on sidebar.

Terms and Conditions
1) Do not spam.
2) No more than 50 Story in a day.
3) Minimum payout is Rs 1000/-
4) Only interesting stories will be approved.

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i think it helps relationship because you can talk to that person though the internet
i really luv especially when rehan goes 80 yrs back and discussion in meera and rehan .also story of meera is really sensitive .i lo
i really luv this movie i luv it best excellent, fabolous ever i watched .tia bajpayee is really darling in her first looks in scene
Try to post good n interesting news ..... v dnt published any spam !!
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