Dolly Bindra hit me: Sameer


Big Boss house saw the ouster of two contestants Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni after what’s claimed to be the mother of all fights. A sulking Sameer Soni talks to TOI about the goings-on inside the house and his fellow contestants.

Rahul Bhatt, in a recent interview, has claimed that almost everything on the show is scripted. Do you agree with it?
I don’t know why he said that, maybe he was told to do so, but I was completely being myself.

Do you think Dolly Bindra deliberately picks up fights with the contestants?
Dolly has some major problem; she doesn’t think and speaks nonsense about every one. When I fought with Dolly, it was to retain dignity in the house and I didn’t stoop to Dolly’s level. I couldn’t stand by silently when Dolly abused Shweta and called her a wanton woman.

It was in the news that Dolly hit you with a rod. Is it true?
Yes, Dolly hit me but I can’t disclose much…

How about a date with Dolly Bindra on a deserted island?
Kill me or I’ll kill myself before that happens (laughs).

What do you think about Veena Malik, who is fond of Hrishant but gets intimate with Ashmit?
I got to know from the media about Veena and Ashmit kissing. Though I don’t have a clue about the Ashmit-Veena romance saga, but I saw them massaging and kissing. The audience will know better as they’ve seen those intimate clippings. Veena professed her love for Hrishant in front of Manoj and me, but her body language indicates she is attracted to Ashmit!

Why do you think house mates did not support you? Would you want to return to Big Boss house?
I’m deeply hurt and feel cheated at being evicted. I’m hugely disappointed by Bigg Boss’ decision. Yes, I’d love to go in, but on the condition that Dolly shouldn’t be there in the house. I still haven’t got a satisfactory response from anyone. I was physically assaulted by Dolly after I confronted her for the rude and obscene remarks on Shweta Tiwari.

Do you support I&B ministry’s decision to air the show at 11 p.m.?
Considering Dolly’s foul language and abusive words, yes it should be aired late in the night. But in context of Veena Malik and Ashmit’s intimate moments, I can’t comment as I haven’t seen those scenes.

Do you think the Sara-Ali marriage was real? Would you like to marry inside Bigg Boss house?
I didn’t know Sara or Ali before this show started. So I don’t know what the truth in this. We were informed by Bigg Boss that Ali and Sara have decided to get married on November 10 and we all have to take part in it. Ali Merchant is a nice person, he loves Sara a lot, but I fail to understand Sara Khan.

What was Neelam’s take one the whole episode?
After leaving Bigg Boss, I was taken to a hotel room without phone, newspaper or TV. I still haven’t talked to Neelam. I have to meet Salman Khan before I get to know what happens next.

Who do you think will win Bigg Boss 4 and why?
Can’t say now, as Shweta Tiwari, Manoj Tiwari, Seema and Ashmit are strong contenders and Hrishant is desperate to win the show.

Rate all the Bigg Boss contestants and describe each in one word…

Dolly Bindra : Shhhhhhhhh

Shweta Tiwari: Girl next door (sweet girl)

Veena Malik : Ultimate seductress

Khali: Show me the money (After the last incident)

Anchal Kumar: Mysterious sweet lady

Sara Khan : Not sure, Hussy

Ashmit Patel : Contradiction

Rahul Bhatt: Bundle of energy

Hrishant Goswami: Very ambitious

Manoj Tiwari: Future CM of Bihar

Seema Parihar: She’d be standing opposite Manoj in the election. I used to call her Karamchand Jasoos

Begum Nawazish Ali : Entertainer

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This post was submitted by Remya.

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