How To Cash In On The Mobile Apps Revolution in 2019!

Mobile apps business is amazing, I’ve been around in the internet marketing space. What can I do for a living and honestly, I haven’t come across a business model so exciting and lucrative since the early days of the internet. Since the internet increased over the times so that’s why I’m so excited about this opportunity and that’s why I’m excited about this. I love to share with you guys because of that fact.

        It  is the type of business that anybody can get involved in it. Anybody can make money. It really is that simple than what appears to be and here are the secrets that only a insider can share with you. This is a tremendous opportunity. Here is the reality 97% of all home based businesses fail to even make any significant dollars, I mean at least $1000 a month. 97% of all home based businesses don’t even make $1000 a month. Now here is the good news, when I started researching this business model and looking at the mobile app business. Here’s what I found it absolutely blew me away 41% of all app developers are making money. And there are a significant percentage of them making a lot of money every single month. I’m takin 5 figures every single month 10k 20k 30k 40k  or more a month. I’m not talking about companies I’m talking about individuals here. That’s the good news. 

                 Let’s take a look at the market number of smartphones shoulder exceeded the number of PC sold last year. Let that sink in there’s more smartphones out there then there are. He sees okay more smartphones than PC’s and that trend will continue dramatically people are accessing the internet on their phones. Right the same kind of thing that they were doing that they’re doing on their laptops are able to do on their phones. Tablets and if you have tablets I’ve got a android tablet I love it by the way the tablets alone should pass PC sales in the next 2 to 3 years. But here’s the key now is the time to get involved in the mobile market especially the mobile app market what’s gonna start to happen to feature phone sales are going to start to go down smartphone sales of course are increasing exponentially what’s eventually gonna happen is everybody with a feature phone of what a feature I like to call feature dumbfounded.

Hey listen I I had a dump phone for years it was only the past probably 3 years that I got a quote unquote smartphone but you get your phones are going to go away probably in the next 5 years all of those feature phones are going to be replaced by smart. What happens to the app market at that point right it goes to the ring. Check this out apps are now 810 $0 a year market and it’s growing. It’s close by my side it’s growing at 100 percent per year. The gross. Wait is is unbelievable in this business. Now even if you don’t have apps on your phone if you don’t have a smartphone I’m sure angry birds angry birds alone has 600000000 downloads 609 it’s only been out for like a year 600000000 downloads beating out tendo D. S. including all their game buy a dramatic number a dramatic like 500000000. It’s amazing market space. And finally just take a look at this locally local mobile apps download okay. You can see the growth rate since 2009 and again this is across the world but but just about every single market not even just about every single market in the world has grown exponentially with with app downloads and again keep in mind as does feature phones start going out of circulation and people start getting smartphones instead the feature phones what do you think the the app download charts gonna look like them right yeah it’s just going to go through the roof. Really what I drill down on we talked a little bit about the 41 percent figure 41 percent of all out developers are making money. But check this out. She said. Or. Guys and I’m showing you here have internet marketing type backgrounds okay that’s where they’re coming from they got into the market and look at the kind of money that they’re making G. wagon just met them $0 in their first year each necklace $1000000 and less than 7 months jolt com which again if you’ve been in the internet marketing space anytime at all Joel’s been around forever $0 less than 2 weeks Costas made $100000 in 3 months part Decorah touched $100000 in 3 months 20000000 downloads on his apps in the first year a steep janitor $250000 a quarter of $1000000 too much and then Brian green stone over 15 what time $5000000000 in the after business the money to be made is absolutely amazing. Let’s talk a little bit about you know when I look at national business I look at. And to me on the surface there appeared to be a lot of. Take take entry in the apps basin so let’s talk about my eyes I want to put this on the table the average cost to build an app is anywhere from 600 to choose that.

      App development marketing training I mean just to go out and to bring yourself up to speed understand the market place understand development understand marketing everything that goes into it that’s gonna run about $2000 your marketing costs alone right $2000 per month. 6 easily can run $1000 and up on on on your apps so you’re looking at just to get started upwards of $7000 up front in $2000 a month. Well that’s you know for a lot of people that’s a pretty high hurdle as far as I was concerned well.Let me get it again share some good news with you what if. You can build apps for as little as $12 each actually not you you can have the belt for little $12 each but what I’m gonna show you how to build them for free how to build them for free how to market them with no dollars at your pocket okay and still generate significant what if I can show you that with that what we’re that far with that lower that. Right right now she remembered you’re going Rick. How could developing angry birds possibly be wrong is one of the most successful absent in history see over 600000000 downloads making millions of dollars. What’s wrong with that well let me tell you what I mean by this. 359 percent of the app developers don’t make money this is how they they enter the market they come into the market with what they think is the next big idea they’ve got everything in 1 basket right they put all their eggs in 1 single basket. They think they’re going to come out with the next angry birds and they invest thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars just in developing the app and it’s been a ton of money on marketing and etcetera etcetera and then it fails it’s Dale’s. Folks that’s the wrong way to get into this market place gets gets it it’s the way sure it’s the way money no question about so let’s talk about the right way what’s the right way to get into this business well there’s a few things there 6 used to success if you follow these keys follow these steps to success you absolutely will be guaranteed to make it in this business is a very simple 3 step formula that we uncovered. In our investigation actually a couple of the mentors that I’ve been working with people that are mentoring me in this business turned me on to this formula and I’ll tell you something it made perfect sense once I saw it I’m gonna share with you tonight. The right way is to spend a little to no dollars not a lot of dollars to build apps that’s really the right way and I’m gonna show you is really part of that 3 step formula. So let’s talk about the 6 keys to success I’m gonna go through these fairly quickly because I’m gonna come back to a number of these kind of. Yeah first and foremost market research obviously you have to understand you market you have to understand what’s working what’s not working in the apps space what are some of the hot dishes what are some of the hot topics. Develop certainly key to success during the right way understanding that once your app is developed this is again where a lot of people fail you got to take a look at it from an analytical point of view you got to see what’s working what’s not working what people like what they don’t like and then go in and make certain adjustments to make it even better. The marketing and monetization side is critical number 4 is probably did you know other than coming up with that.

     Developing it the right way getting it out there and then in the stores marketing and monetization is absolutely key dispense time on this a little bit certainly having the right team and systems in place goes a long way to you succeeding or not succeeding and then finally the network your professional networking type and what you’re going to build we’re gonna talk about that as well in more depth you’re down the road. Is really the key to marketing apps this is this is the one key point that I want you to understand this is really. Key ingredient to the secret sauce here really make the app’s business I want you to think of the app store on my screen I’ve got the iTunes app store but this applies to any of the apps store or Google lab you know Google play store Amazons app store windows apps store. All the apps store is it’s wonder. Looking for work apps what they do in in a problem they’re looking to solve that’s how they look for rarely do they put an angry birds or or or the name of an apple what they’re looking for is they’re looking for a problem to be solved so that being the case doesn’t make sense that apps Dan themselves would be key words absolutely total. So. Stores the search engine apps for key words keep that in mind I’ll come back to that here in a minute. So first and foremost on that list on those 6 steps to success market research you got to do the right kind of market research is a number of different market research tools out there that will help you find the right kind of apps what’s working what’s not working what I’m showing on my screen here is a terrific resource it’s called top app charts you can find it top app top that tracks all of the iTunes apps. By category by games both paid and free and they break it down into my new detail and show you what the top apps are what the trends are how many downloads they’re getting it set a record shattering center it’s a great way to find out what’s working in the market place and what’s not working right. Market research is absolutely key doing it the right way is absolutely key it in in understanding the market understanding what what people want in the market place is key. Yes really I thank probably the single most important factor in all of this is this simple 3 step process and it comes down to testing the market first then expanding again most people get me out of business the company yeah apps base with one idea they develop that app they put it out there if it works great if it doesn’t. Yes great okay this process is completely different this is that magical 3 step process I talked about earlier so this was let’s walk through this so step one. Yes call quantity you develop quantity abscesses this is where you’re going to build a large number of apps to test next really info apps for simple apps but. You can make money on in this in this space I’ll talk about that a minute from step one you go to step 2 basically you’re learning from step one and step 2 you’re building what’s called quality apps in those quality apps based on what’s converting over here and step one quality apps your entertainment productivity apps is really what it comes down to that ultimately you get over here to step 3 step 3 is your building sure apps okay in your building shipper apps with the earnings that you get from your quality absent your quantity apps in super apps are going to be entertainment productivity and gain the apps but you don’t get to the Super apps base to you really kind of got your feet firmly on the ground in step one step 2 and you’ve developed a large number of quantity apps. Number quality apps and get this work most people want to jump to the shipper app space they want to have that one big winning home run right off the bat okay this is the winning formula this 3 step process simple yes lots of elements in it but it is simple this is the winning formula let’s drill down a little bit farther so when I talk about quantity ABQ. Here’s what it looks like this is the blueprint quantity apps you’re going to deploy at least 100 each month expecting a minimum of 150000 downloads averaging 6000 in revenue think about that for a minute. These are just absent you’re putting out there to test the market but you do it very very smartly that market research that’s where that comes into play you do a very smartly I’m gonna show you some of my quantity apps here in a minute. But you do that very smartly you’re generating income on these apps and I’m gonna show you these are all free apps by the way. Your paid apps use your free apps. But your gender. Now that moves into quality apps because remember you’re learning from your quantity apps that’s going to dictate what you develop in the way of quality apps here’s where you can start spending some money on the quality apps okay you’re gonna deployed 3 each month expect 10000 per month per app in revenue starts to get pretty interesting at that point finally you get to that super apps based. Trust me when I say if you’re doing this the right way and you’re putting out 100 quantity absent much 43 quality apps you’re going to cover a jam. You’re going to cover an absolute shipper apps and all of that a super app you’re gonna deployed one of those every 3 months and your expectation is $100000 per month. That’s the golden goose right there is the super app but you don’t get to that to you you for only got your feet on the ground with quality gas quality apps but listen. Even if you never uncovered the shipper I know guys that are making $80000 a month just off of one of the apps and in a handful of quality apps $80000 a month they don’t have a super app so don’t get too hung up on the fact of you know Jeez I don’t know if I can ever develop issue perhaps. In many cases you’ll never even need to get there I’m just saying part of the formula.

      You can get to that spot but even if you never got past the quantity and quality yeah steps you can still make ridiculous money with this formula. So let’s take a look at the revenue model yes. We talked about the quantity apps quantity apps free apps but you’re going to monetize those free apps using banner ads and affiliate marketing on the show you those examples here in a minute how that works course yep paid apps right I hate apps are you see him all the time you know that the lowest prices she is $0.99 which is the vast majority might see some of the dollar 99399 I mean I see them 699 but the vast majority are $0.99 but. You know $0.99 times 10000 downloads very quickly right .This is what I think a lot of people think up in the app market place. And then you’ve got freemium apps freemium apps or a combination of free and paid I’ll explain how that works in a minute but freemium apps are very very popular these days as well. But here’s the best part this this revenue model the best part is as you develop the steps that matter free apps or paid apps free your building residual income. Because you’re not out there just putting that out about and then it gets X. number of downloads cnet goes way that app is out there and if it has any traction at all it will continue to get downloads. Every single month and what does downloads you’re generating income it doesn’t matter yeah. It’s just.Meeting like. Residual income off of what you did the previous month and the month before that and so on and so on that’s the one of the best parts of this entire revenue model is the residual income aspect of it. Visually here’s how it works so you’ve got a free app up here you have a number of free apps you got better and. For from this amount of traffic in that traffic and yet more monetizing that traffic with banners and affiliate offers and other paid apps but you’re also gathering you’re building a list okay this is a great thing that I discovered the smart guys the smart guys are building massive lists with their free apps massive list is basically you’re just putting a screen on your app that says it give us your name your email address so we can send you an ounce we have other free apps like this you can download. And the conversion factor on that on that by the way is astronomical. And that kind of numbers that are being built with these lists is amazing absolutely may I mean you know I know a lot of big time internet marketers. Maybe might do 5 6000. Options are not. Maybe as much 10000 options I don’t guys the out business they’re doing 5000 options a day.

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