How You Make Money With Free Apps in 2019

Free  mobile apps that generates a tremendous amount of traffic. Also Apps can be monetizing that traffic with banners and affiliate offers and other paid apps. But you’re also gathering emails and  building a list. This is a great thing that I discovered. 

            Many developers are building massive lists with their free apps and massive lists is by basically you’re just putting a screen on your app. That says “Hey give us your name and email address”. So we can send announcement we have other free apps like this that you can download. And the conversion factor on that often by the way is astronomical. And that that kind of numbers that are being built with these lists is amazing.

     Maybe you can make 5000 to 6000 dollars per month. Guys are in business they’re doing 5000 often a day a day off their apps. So it’s an amazing marketing tool. Let me show you this is one of my free apps called “gluten free free living”. And here’s the banners here’s an example of a man who runs the bottom of my apt okay that I generate income from then I’ve got this offer tap down here. All my navigation tabs here’s an offer tab somebody clicks on the offer tab they get this offer of this gluten free handbook okay 6 step free diet plan. 

        Somebody clicks on that big purchase that guess what I make $19 or more. Believe me it adds up but that’s how you monetize this is exactly how you monetize these free apps. Let’s let’s get into the. Which should understand how these free apps are working and how they’re monetized. So, Here’s what you can expect. Easily you can expect 500 downloads a month for an App. 

               You’re gonna get about a one percent conversion rate, now remember you have to be smart about this you have to do it the right way. You have to have the right market you have to have the right offer. So if you get 500 downloads a month and is one percent conversion rate on that what is that going to get is going to give you 5 sales right by sales a month now average sale that book or offer that I just showed you, that it’s an ebook actually that is a commission to me of $19.62 per month okay. So much for AB $98.10 using this example $98.10 per month the same will Rick that’s. $98 Bucks a month. 

          How good is that, let’s take it to the next step if you have 10 apps out there,You can make around $981 per month. Remember this is a residual income model. You can put 10 apps and then you put another 10 absolutely gonna put another 10 apps and so on right. So 25 apps per month that’s $2400 actually more than $2400 per month 50 apps for months is almost $5000 a month and 100 apps is $9800 a month. 

                    You understand where this is going and remember it’s actually 500. Downloads. A lot of other developers in this space actually that are getting 10000 or 15000 downloads per app per month. This is why this is such an exciting business model. This is the kind of thing you can do with ease.

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