Letter to Editor CNN-IBN Special: “is there anti-muslim bias…”


“CNN-IBN Special: Is there an anti-Muslim bias in urban housing societies?”- aired on 16th September,2010 was ill timed, instigating and not required at these tense times!! Somya Harsh has written Letter to editor expressing his concern and forwarded the same copy of “letter to editor” to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India. Here’s the letter, Do you agree with the thoughts in letter?

From: Somya Harsh (somya.harsh@yahoo.in)
To: editor@ibnlive.com;
Date: Fri, 17 September, 2010 11:12:51 AM
Subject: “CNN-IBN Special: Is there an anti-Muslim bias in urban housing societies?”- ill timed!!

This is regarding CNN-IBN Special: Is there an anti-Muslim bias in urban housing societies?
aired on CNN-IBN on 16th September, 2010.
The program and survey conducted was ill-timed and almost needless, looking at present Geo-political and socially degraded conditions in J & K, other parts of India and across the world. Adding to that there have been rumors and stories going on of suspected terrorists roaming in Mumbai , 12 cities of India on militant targets. And AYODHYA Case Verdict due to come on 24th Sep, 2010.

Being an young and alert citizen of India, and avid fan of CNN-IBN, I was shocked and baffled to see your channel coming with such news special in these “tense times”.The channel known for it’s journalistic values and high credentials, must not instigate any communal differences which would further aggravate already weak and murky conditions of J and K and all over India.

The channel must also be aware of the fact, that the reportage would have been aired all across the border and across the continents. just like Salman’s interview on Pak channel created turmoil in India, the same could happen with this Special Survey Report in Muslim populous states and nations, And aid anti-India forces to yet again fuel the fire in hearts of terrorists and locals citing this story. This may not be evident, but such reportage by a Eminent Indian News Channel of yours in such bad times could be fatal in long run.

Maybe am hyperventilating, but I hope you have got hold of my concerns and do take some remedial measures to counter any damage(seen or unseen) which may have already happened among the masses. Please try and propagate UNITY and PEACE, rather than discovering new reasons for differences. Show the world the examples of Hindu Muslim living in peace and let them emulate you. Am not suggesting the channel to be hypocrite, but the news should not in any case be a shot in arm for the anti-India forces. , in these terrible times.

Let’s try and be messenger of peace. This will be a great service to our nation and world.

your avid fan till now,
23 yrs
ghaziabad (u.p.)

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This post was submitted by somya harsh.

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One Response to “Letter to Editor CNN-IBN Special: “is there anti-muslim bias…””

  • Dear sir
    I am sending an article which is based on true story and needs your help to lime light such incidents which never come in to lime light because no body dare to put these incidents in to the knowledge of every body.
    Kindly help me.
    Pride and Shame for India.Commonwealth games a Pride for India and A Doctor who said “Go and find the ways of suicide and die out side of this room” is a shame not only on India but on all over the humanity. Now this Doctor is refusing that he never said such words. What kind of persons is this. He is a Government Hospital Doctor intoxicated with power and pride. He think that I was the animal and he treated with me like an animal.
    This should be condemn all over the world.So I need help because here in india No body is listening me.

    Common wealth happened in India with a pride and dignity. we all feel
    pride for it. I will give all the credit to our Chief Minister Mrs.
    Shiela Dixit. She felt us pride to be an Indian and a Citizen of Delhi
    . we all people of Delhi behave in a very good manner. We show our
    patience and discipline.. It’s a pride of India.
    Do you believe the shame of India is a Doctor who said “Go out and
    find the way of suicide and think about how to die your self.
    This is a incident of NDMC’s Charak Hospital where My husband was send
    for medical board’s opinion. My husband is a chronicle hypertension
    and Depression patient. Where he was sent by the Director Census NDMC
    for an exemption on medical ground.
    When my husband said that he is not in a condition to do additional
    duty. This was an additional duty after his teaching hours. My
    husband get tired after teaching so he cannot do additional work. he
    always comes home and get relaxed. My husband tried to explain these
    condition to the doctor. But doctor was not in that condition to
    listen any thing. and said “go out and find the ways of suicides. go
    out and die your self.
    Is these kind of word are not appropriate for a Depression patient to
    think about suicide, So my husband has done he started to think the
    ways of suicide. Once my daughter has saved him from attempting a
    In this connection I was very horrified for my husband and I e-mailed
    a complaint to the Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs. Shiela Dixit to save
    my husband’s life.
    But nothing has been done so far. Now a vigilance inquiry has been
    initiated for not doing census duty. Now he again goes in depression.
    He is under treatment of Psychiatrist of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia
    Hospital. The Doctor said he is in a most Severe Depression with
    suicidal thought. I have to take care of him very watchful
    What this incident show Pride or Shame of India. as a Senior Doctor
    knows that the patient is in depression but he said those
    inappropriate words that can kill a person.
    Common wealth games felt us pride and this incident was a shame on
    Profession of Doctor and all of us.
    It is strange that I have done complaint with the following but No
    body seems to take it seriously.
    Chairman NDMC (Two Times)
    Secretary NDMC (two times)
    Chief Minister of Delhi
    What are they waiting for. Are they waiting for any miss happening to
    my husband or want of mourn over his death.
    I appeal to the people of all the world to come out and help my
    husband in fighting with injustice done by a Doctor, who should be
    criticised and punished. I hope that your action will stop me from
    being harassed and shame.
    In India Dr. are very high post and teachers on very lower post so
    they treat teacher like animals, so even my husband died he felt no
    sorry even he will not commit that he ever said any words like this to
    No body in India is comeout to help my husband either Medical
    councils of India, Chief Minister of Delhi or any officials,. All are
    trying to punish my husband
    Shashi Jain
    W/o RaJiv Jain (A teacher in Delhi Govt School
    C-244, Surajmal Vihar Delhi-110092

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Dear sir I am sending an article which is based on true story and needs your help to lime light such incidents which never come in
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