Minors changing Photographs and birthdays of Aadhaar cards to watch Kabir Singh movie

In order to see Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor, minor is tinkering with age on their Aadhaar card. This film is going on in the cinema hall, but the film censor board has given it ‘A’ certificate or adult certificate. Thus, people under the age of 18 can not see the movie.

Another young man told that he booked many tickets from Book My Show and no one asked about age or identity card. He told that the guard of the cinema hall stopped us, we took a picture of the Aadhaar card from our smartphone, changed the date of birth and became an adult within minutes with the help of the app.

About this, the ticket booking website ‘Book My Show’, on condition of anonymity, told that on the ticket book, a pop-up appears on our site, which says that people under the age of 18 Can not see the rated movie, but people ignore this pop-up and book tickets. Since this is an online transaction, we do not ask for their identity card.

This is must watch movie of the year, please go and watch it but only Adults.

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