No ‘videshi’ language in schools: Ramdev


PANAJI: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who has plans to field candidates from Goa in his newly-launched party for the next Lok Sabha polls, tried to woo locals in Panaji on Friday by commenting on the topical issues of medium of instruction in primary schools and illegal mining. He also demanded that restrictions be imposed on the entry of Indians into casinos in Goa.

Claiming to back regional languages Konkani and Marathi as the medium of elementary instruction, Ramdev said, “In no other country is a videshi language the medium of instruction in schools, except in India. By trying to introduce English as a medium of instruction in schools there is a deliberate attempt by a few to destroy our culture, language and heritage.”

“If English is introduced as the medium of instruction in schools then Bharat Swabhiman Trust (BST, which organised a public meeting recently) members will come on the streets in protest,” Ramdev said.

According to the yoga guru, the medium of instruction for both schools and professional colleges should be in the regional languages. “When engineers and doctors in China and France can learn in their local language, then why not Indians?” he asked.

He added that BST would take up an anti-mining campaign in Goa by bringing activists under one banner. “Illegal mining should be stopped immediately and the government should charge miners 25% to 50% royalty. Illegal miners have joined hands with politicians to loot Goa,” he said.
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