Now, match fixing hits Australia`s National Rugby League


Melbourne: Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) has been rocked by a fresh report that high-profile players, player managers and underworld figures have been involved in match-fixing.

A Sydney radio station made the allegation on Wednesday morning, reporting that players earning 200,000, 300,000 and 400,000 dollars were involved in match fixing.

Triple M Grill Team panellist Mark Geyer, a former rugby league star, said he thought matches alleged to have been fixed did look suspect.

“After hearing the rumors from different sources, I have gone back and looked at the games in question,” said Geyer, who did not reveal the matches alleged to have been fixed.

“It makes me have some doubt on a few of the things I am getting spoken to about. I watched the games closely and … that put doubt in my mind. Whether I am just looking for that, I don’t know, because of what I heard,” Geyer added.ellow Triple M Grill Team panellist Stuart MacGill, a former Test cricket player, said: “If there is an issue here, we’ve been told that the NRL won’t act on this until after the finals series so that they don’t detract from the great football that we’re all anticipating over the coming weeks.”

NRL communications officer John Brady contacted Triple M to deny the allegation, stressing the organisation “wasn’t aware of any such claim”.

Reports last week suggested that as many as six matches could be investigated by a police strike force.

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