Teams qualifying for world cup 2019 semi final ?

After the defeat of England from England, the three world championships of the semi-finals in the ICC World Cup have become exciting. In the equation that is being formed after the defeat of India, the possibility of reaching Pakistan’s knockout round is still visible. Australia has already qualified for knockout. On the other hand, India and third place need a win to reach New Zealand in the semi-finals. While the fourth team is playing an interesting match between England and Pakistan.

After winning the match, England came in fourth with 10 points, while Pakistan was at fifth position. As soon as on Sunday, England defeated India, the faces of the Pakistani fans were frustrating, but now the situation is becoming something else.

New Zealand is also in danger

So far the team whose semi-finals were considered easy was also hazardous. India has two matches left and it needs just one point to get a semi-final ticket. While there is one match between New Zealand, England and Pakistan remaining and all three will have to win their last match in the next round to reach the next round.

The match between New Zealand and England is to be fought on Wednesday. New Zealand’s 11 points and England’s 10 points. This is the last chance for both to get a semi-final ticket. If England wins this match, then it will enter the knockout round with 12 points. With 11 points, Kiwi team will be in fourth place. After New Zealand’s eight matches, the run rate is 0.572, while the Pak team has eight runs after the run rate of -0.792.

Pakistan needs big win 

If New Zealand beat England and Pakistan will enter Bangladesh in the knockout. If the results are reversed that means England will defeat New Zealand, then the work of Pakistan will not be won by Bangladesh. He must win his last match with a big margin. Pakistan has nine points. Winning from Bangladesh will make it 11 points. While the Kiwi team also has 11 points. If Pakistan does not win by big margin, Kiwi team will get the semi-final ticket on the basis of net run rate.

Bangladesh also have hope

Until recently, three semi-final teams were almost clear. But after losing India to England and losing to New Zealand Australia, the situation has changed. Australia has already qualified and India is also standing on the threshold. Now there is a two-position match between New Zealand, England, Pakistan and Bangladesh. New Zealand is also facing the crisis of being out. Bangladesh is also expected to reach the semi-finals.

             There are seven wins in seven matches and seven points from three defeats in Bangladesh. He has two matches left and if he has been successful in reversing this time, then with 11 points will qualify in that situation, or when New Zealand beat England, or its net rate would be better than New Zealand. Bangladesh’s net run rate is -0.133.

India and pakistan can also have a clash 

A coincidence is also happening that India and Pakistan can compete in the semi-finals. Australia is on top with 14 points, while India is on second place with 11 points. If Pakistan qualifies, then the match between India and Pakistan can be in that situation.

While Australia lose their last match and India win both their remaining matches By winning both the matches, India will come to the top with 15 points and it will be fought by the team that is in fourth position. If Pakistan does qualify, then everybody will be in the fourth position.

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